5 January 2013


Hi folks. After a good while using this blog for my updates I've decided to move it all back to my website, http://gtazz.com/kataan/

Blogger has some great features, namely how easy it is to update, but I find it ultimately too limiting on what I want to do. So I've redeveloped my site, and archived all the updates here into the appropriate projects on the site.

I've also merged my two blogs together, this one and KataanIV, my 40k blog. Should make my life easier maintaining one site rather than two blogs and an archive site.

I'll leave this blog online for a while until people relocate. If there are any features here that aren't available on my site let me know and I'll write them in (only thing I can think of is an RSS feed which I can look at).


2 December 2012


The observatory has moved along a little. I'm really bad at posting photos as I go, preferring to wait until I've worked out all the kinks. Going to try and document this one better.

Here's where we are right now, along with random blackpowder marksman for scale.

I've tried to design it in such a way I can get easy access to the interior, something I didn't do so well on the other buildings.  Still need to sort out the small roof, currently there's a large gap over the annex portion of the building.

1 December 2012

Observatory dome

I got impatient waiting for my dome to arrive from China, so I went ahead and ordered a dome from the Skullvane Manse kit (ah eBay, replacing the GW bits service since 2008).

I'm still going to see how the other dome looks, but this one should work fine.

I've started the main roof, as well as the support for the dome.

Still deciding whether to add a small sloped roof under the dome or not. Hard to describe but if I do it you'll see! Easy that huh?

Oh and I've been messing about with the layout of the blog. Using one of the newer dynamic layouts. Means a couple of things are missing from the side, I might have the template to add them back. Though I'm also considering merging both my project blogs (this and KataanIV) into a single hobby blog, then I'll have a platform for random editorial type articles too. We'll see.

26 November 2012


Hey, I'm back! As usual my hobby interest has come full circle and now I'm back with building up Stadtheim.

And I've started a new building to go in a new section. The layout has been juggled slightly to fit the available space, but I wanted to add this board to the end. I'm making an observatory to sit on a large hill.

It's based on a model by Dave Andrews (isn't all terrain? lol). I found it over on Felix's website a while back:

Tell me that's not an amazing model! Mine will of course be an approximation like all my stuff, I take someone's idea and wander off on my own.

It's being built using hirst arts blocks as with the rest of the town. Here's a few in progress photos:

 The tower is currently separate, I think I'll leave it that way and have recesses in the base so it will slot into place or be detachable for storage.

The dome I'm currently pondering. I've ordered a housing for a home cctv camera from china that I think might do the job, though it might be a bit large. I actually think the dome on Dave's model is a touch small, so mine will more or less fill the top of the tower. I did look at the top from Skullvane Manse, but without getting my hands on one I'm not sure if I like it.

More to come as I make progress. Ta for stopping by!

23 February 2012

The Wharf

I've started work on the water in front of the wharf.  I saw Mason's thread on the Lead Adventure Forum showing his awesome town of Krappefortt. The way he did his water effects was to use water down pva and tissue paper. Ingeniously simple but the finished effect on his is amazing.

So I wanted to try and use the same technique. Yesterday I built the frame for the jetty, and today I put in the water. It's currently drying, we'll see how well it looks once it's done and I can start painting. So far so good though!

Fingers crossed mine will look half as good as Mason's when it's done.

Next step them is to decide on the buildings. You can see the gaps in the cobble in the first picture. The one of the left is for a small shack/stall thing, the right one will be adjusted to take my Warhammer Chapel. But I want to put something in the middle, I'm thinking perhaps a clock tower..

1 February 2012

The Church of Verena is getting an interior. I've started with the floor and a detail wall at the back. Hard to tell (should have taken un painted shots), but the wall is three dimensional made from scored depron.

The two doors lead into the vestry out the back, the centre is supposed to be a mosaic dedicated to the goddess Verena. Rather than an alter it's going to have a pool in the centre of the floor (much like the temples in Skyrim/Oblivion). This is already done, just needs painting and detailing.

The final step then will be to add the staircase and balcony at the tower end, providing access to the bell tower and sniping platform, erm, roof top.
Ok I thought I'd start the new year with a look at where Stadtheim stands at the moment. Still plenty to do on the 'complete' boards, but it's looking much busier now, which is how I want it.

View from between the church and watchhouse to the warehouse.

Between the church and brewery house to the docks.

The front of the watchhouse yard and tower.

A birds eye view of the main bulk of the town.

Looking from the warehouse to the church.

Down the canal from the docks.